“Poor hygiene has been associated with skin and soft tissue infections. Bathing is important for removing germs from one’s skin as well as washing away odors from sweat and dirt.” ~Dr. Jennifer Shu

Day to day activities can be taken for granted- such as dressing, bathing and even meal preparation- you may find these daily activities have become too difficult and taxing for you or a loved one. Heritage Health Services is dedicated to helping you or your loved one achieve independent living. We specialize in confident, personalized in home care services that promote dignity and well-being. A Registered Nurse lead support team will work side by side with you to help tailor and develop your very own customized personal plan of care to meet all of your specific care needs.  Beyond basic companionship and housekeeping, our home health care givers provide sensitive, confidential personal care services in a way that respects you or your loved one’s emotional and physical needs. How do we know that? We know that simply because we work with you in picking the perfect caretaker. Part of your rights as a Medicaid recipient is the empowerment to choose WHO takes care of you. Personally choosing your own caretaker takes the stress and worry away from having strangers in your home. That in turn leaves you with the comfort and peace of mind to focus solely on living life to your fullest.  We will work with you and/or your loved one to develop one or more of the following personal care services.

Personal Assistance Includes Things Like:

Standby Assistance with Morning & Evening Routines

From help out of bed, to grooming and dressing assistance to a nutritious breakfast, a Personal Care Assistant can be there every step of the morning to get your day started off right. Need help in the afternoon? A Personal Care Assistant can be there to prepare a healthy lunch and assist with a much needed afternoon nap. A good night’s rest is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Your chosen Personal Care Assistant can assist with evening hygiene routines to help ensure you are getting the restful night sleep that you need.

Transfer Assistance

If you or your loved one struggles with getting in and out of bed or a wheelchair, your personal care assistant has specialized training on how to safely provide this home care assistance. Why increase your risk of falling? Let Heritage Health Services provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having assistance during transfers.


Bathing & Showering Assistance

Bathing and showering may be difficult or unsafe for you or your loved one to do alone. Bathtubs and showers have the potential to be dangerous places in the home. According to a study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011, 21.8 million persons aged ≥15 years sustained nonfatal, unintentional injuries related to falls in the shower or tub in the United States.  The fear associated from bathroom falls shouldn’t be used as an excuse to neglect your personal hygiene. Living Well Expert, Dr. Jennifer Shu in her response to importance of proper personal hygiene reminds us all that,

“Poor hygiene has been associated with skin and soft tissue infections. Bathing is important for removing germs from one’s skin as well as washing away odors from sweat and dirt.” ~Dr. Jennifer Shu

Don’t allow yourself or your loved one to become another statistic. Heritage Health Services can provide the help you or your family member need with bathing and showering assistance as part of our in home personal care.

Personal Hygiene Assistance

Personal hygiene cleanses the body and increases confidence. Poor personal hygiene is directly related to an increase in skin breakdown and higher risks for infection. Poor hygiene can also lead to decreased self-confidence and affect the way we interact with others in the community. Heritage Health Services in-home caregivers offer the personal assistance you or your loved one needs to continue the self-care that makes them feel clean, refreshed and confident.

Help with Restroom Use

Heritage Health Services personal care assistants are trained to offer minimal to full assistance with restroom use, including incontinence care and catheter care, all with the utmost respect, professionalism and sensitivity to privacy.


Assistance with Dressing

If you or your loved one struggles with getting dressed and undressed, either in or out of bed, our personal care services include help with this task, ensuring you or your family member can look and feel their best.

Personal Appearance Care

No matter the number of years an individual has lived, they still take pride in their appearance. As part of our personal care services, we can help you or your loved ones look their best with hair care, nail care and other personal appearance cares.

Incontinence Care

Our personal care assistants are specially trained on how to provide care for aging or disabled family members who suffer from occasional or frequent incontinence. For individuals who have problems controlling their urine or bowels, proper skin care and incontinence care is essential to decrease skin impairments that could lead to increased infection risks. Keeping skin dry and clean should be a high priority in your daily care. Heritage Health Services is here to assist you with your incontinence needs.

Shopping Assistance

Sometimes going out to the store and getting your daily necessities can be difficult. The stress and energy used to make sure you have everything you have on your list and where to find it can be exhausting. Our personal care assistants are here to help you or your loved one with taking care of your personal shopping needs.

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